Besides web design and acting, Cameron has gained valuable work experience through a multitude of jobs. His resume includes a plethora of awards for his extracurricular work, as well as a great volume of jobs which have developed both his character and understandings of business.

He has developed his skills as a leader and teacher during both the summer and winter seasons through instructing snowboarding at Talsiman resort and a monthly "Leader in Training" program at Arrowhead Camp. The value that he has gained both as a worker and person can be seen in the way he can interact with customers, co-workers, and clients, no matter their age or position.

Cameron also has racked up extensive manual labour hours during his summers while working at Grounds Guys as a landscaper, and Elite Pool & Spa as a pool installer and hardscaper. The physical demands and intensive hours that these seasonal jobs demands proves his dedication to both work and learning.

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